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Vice President of El Salvador Meets MundoCrypto
By MediaXwire 06/07/2022

Being one of the leading cryptocurrency and blockchain academies, MundoCrypto is leading the world of cryptocurrency and Web3 educ...

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CCTIP: A Multi-Currency Wallet For All Your Crypto Needs
By MediaXwire 04/07/2022

Blockchain and other emerging technologies are leading the world to a digitalized financial future. The last decade has seen a tre...

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Double Protocol's Rentable NFT Standard
By MediaXwire 01/07/2022

London, On June 28, the rentable NFT standard "EIP-4907" submitted by the NFT rental marketplace Double Protocol, passed the final...

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Shima Capital Leading $6 Million Seed Round For MECH.COM
By Suvrangsu Das 27/06/2022

USA, San Francisco: is set to close its seed round of investments with Shima Capital leading, supplemented by Polygo...

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DigiNation will Launch the Metaverse Game Babel and Ecosystem Pro...
By Suvrangsu Das 27/06/2022

In the first half of 2022, the “Metaverse” concept reached an unprecedented popularity peak marked by the release of t...

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